Arm/ Un-arm Button

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Armed State

  • Purpose: The trap is set to capture an animal.

  • Safety Requirement: The user must manually open the door to activate this state. This ensures safety during the arming process.

  • Behavior: Once armed and the door is confirmed open, the trap enters a low-power mode, conserving energy while remaining active for an animal to enter.

  • Notifications: The trap maintains a connection by sending periodic updates. If disconnected for more than an hour, a notification is sent to the user.

Unarmed State

  • Purpose: The trap is not set to capture and is in a standby mode.

  • Behavior: In this state, the trap listens for commands and does not initiate the door closure if motion is detected.

  • Transition: After capturing an animal, the trap automatically shifts to this state, signaling the door is securely closed.

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