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Connectivity and Reporting

  • Regular Updates: The trap pings several times an hour to report its status and confirm network connection.

  • Disconnection Alert: Users are alerted if the trap loses network connectivity for over an hour.

User Interface

  • Indicator: The trap's status is communicated through its armed/unarmed state indicator.

  • Command Listening: In the unarmed state, the trap awaits user commands for further operations.

This concise guide helps users understand the operational modes of the OcuTrap, ensuring efficient and safe usage.


The refresh button will send a request to the trap for the most recent data if the trap is connected.

Control Button

The control button opens a popup. You can see:

  • Signal Strength

  • Temperature

  • Last Heard time

  • Flash LED light

  • Sound the alarm

  • Share the trap with other users

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The options icon is located at the bottom of the trap tab. You can view the camera and map.


You can share traps with other users within the traps options popup. Enter the email of an existing OcuTrap users email to share the trap. You cannot share with yourself, non-OcuTrap users, or double share traps. If the email fits these conditions, an email will be sent and the trap will appear at the bottom of the shared user's traps page under the Shared section.

When the trap is shared, the shared user can perform the activites of a regular trap, except the shared user cannot share the shared trap with other users.

Changing trap name

Click on the current name of the trap such as "52353454" or "Farm Trap". A pop-up will appear and you can rename the trap.

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