Manager User

This access level is optimized for operational efficiency, with specific constraints on financial oversight and peer hierarchy.

  • Enable Notifications: Keep up to date with real-time alerts.

  • Adding Managers: Hierarchical integrity is protected; direct peer addition is not permitted.

  • Financial Details: Managerial focus is on operations, with no access to financial data.

Key Features:

  • Invite and Manage Shared Users: Efficiently add and adjust user access.

  • Generate Shareable Links: Easily share device access.

  • Control Operations: Full control over device settings.

  • Error Monitoring: Immediate updates on system issues.

  • Monitor Device Health and Performance: Ensure devices are running optimally.

This level provides comprehensive device management capabilities.

The manager's access level is semi-permanent, meaning the owner can revoke access at any time. However, this status is not subject to the scheduling option.

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