Hardware set-up

We call the plastic case containing the camera, circuitboard, and battery the "Pod".

  • Unpack the Components - Carefully remove the OcuTrap and the Pod from the packaging.

  • Contact Us if anything appears to be damaged.

  • Fully charge blue battery with the accompanying charger.

  • There are four main parts to assemble:

  • Front Bar Assembly: Attach the front bar to the trap. Secure each side with an acorn nut, kep nut, and washer.

  • Door Hinge Assembly: Attach the door to the trap. Insert the threaded rod through the bracket hole, then through the door, and out the other side. Secure each end with an acorn nut, spring, metal washer, and plastic washer.

  • Motor Assembly: The motor attaches at two points, the hinge bracket and the door bracket.

POD Assembly Instructions

Hardware Features

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