Safety Information

This manual contains important safety information regarding your OcuTrap. This manual should be read in its' entirety prior to using the OcuTrap, in order to prevent any serious injury or harm. Failure to review this Operations Manual may result in injury.


Hazard: This device uses a depth sensor to remotely trigger the actuator on the door. This in turn allows the door to be closed at a fast rate and can cause serious injury. Make sure nothing is blocking the door capability to close or this can cause trap malfunction.

Child Safety: This product can cause serious injury and contains small components. Keep children away from the equipment.


Make sure that your OcuTrap is off when not in use in order to preserve battery power.

Keep the OcuTrap POD closed after set up to prevent any malfunctions to the system. Make sure the POD is water-tight when in operation by closing both latches and tightening the knob on the right side of the device.

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